My first experience in Early Education was at 16 years old while I was in High School. I didn’t know much about children at that time and coincidentally I didn’t think I liked children either. Once I started learning more about children and getting to work with them hands on, I started to realize that I was intrigued with their development and quite liked their companionship.

My High School teacher made the experience quite fun and interesting. We had a lot of hands on participation with the children and a lot of fun activities that we were able to plan. She taught us many things about how children develop and what children enjoy. After this class, I started to work for a before and after school program with children ages 4-12. Once I turned 18, I found my first job at a daycare center.

If it weren’t for this elective class that I thought would just be an easy A, I do not think I’d ever find my passion for teaching young children.

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